This term for being extremely intoxicated is a variation of the term "shit faced." It is commonly used in the military, particularly in the Marines and Navy bases in Hawaii.
Can also be phrased as simply "shit house."
I got so shit housed last night that I woke up in K-Bay next to some random marine.

Dude, it's only 6 p.m. and you're already shithouse.
by Texarkana February 06, 2006
Top Definition
drunk out of your mind
I'm so shithoused I don't even remember my name!
by Lindzy August 01, 2003
The next level beyond being just drunk. A state of complete and utter stupidity.
Hey man, you were so shithoused last night you burned your house down.
by Alcoholism September 16, 2004
totally hammered= DRUNK!
He was shit HOUSED last night at that party
by lacy May 07, 2003
(adj)- A step beyond just being drunk/high. If 15 beers gets you drunk, then 20+ gets your shit-housed. A replacement for the term "shit-faced".
I did like 12 beer bongs last night. I was totally shit-housed.
by Seeker of Soporifics February 13, 2005
really, really drunk
I can't drive right now because I drank twelve beers and I'm shithoused.
by RobB December 01, 2002
to house so much alcohol in your shit that 'hammered', 'drunk', 'tanked', 'completely rat-arsed' or any other words used to describe your level of intoxication suddenly become a simple, insipid understatement.
dude, Brent was so Shit-housed after downing that whole bottle of captain morgan private stock. whammy!
by piratesonstrike May 05, 2009
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