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when something is really quite bad, but instead of just saying shit you say shit heap.
'that cars a right shit heap' or

Car Salesman : 'I'm afraid its been sold'
Buyer : 'Oh well it was a right shit heap!'

by Freddie Saunders May 19, 2008
A very poor and run down place or thing
Used often as an insult to peoples items.
Jo Jo: God Sasha you live in such a shitheap

Jo Jo: I need to save up some money and buy a new my car is a shitheap
by Jo Jo!!! December 20, 2005
A basic play with the word shithead, a shitheap is a complete arsehole, a person who lacks in social ability and basically is a shithead.

See also: shithead
You fucking shitheap!
by Samwell March 25, 2005