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To be so incredibly inebriated that one does not recollect acting like an ass, boning a butterface, or kicking the shit out of one's best friend.
I have to apologize for fucking your sister last night, I was totally shitcocked.
by chupacabra February 14, 2005
A phrase used to describe a state of excessive drunkenness.

Also smashed, hammered, blitzed, wasted, shitfaced, crunked, etc.
Wow, Billy got shit-cocked last night.
by JohnCap May 08, 2006
1. adj. The condition of having shit on one's cock after anal sex.
"My girlfriend is coming over and she wants me to fuck her in the ass. Hell yeah, I'm gonna get shitcocked tonight!"
by Igglepud January 13, 2010

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