1. A baked article, usually consisting of egg, flour, milk, sugar, and solid excretory materials.

2. A non-standard vulgarism, typically describing and/or resulting from pain, annoyance, or grievance, optionally consolidated within a string of such vocabulary. Must not be used in conjunction with the personal.
"Here, I've baked some Shitcakes"

"Oh, Shitcakes," "F*cking cretinous Shitcakes!"

However, the following is incorrect;
"What a Shitcake."
by John141 November 17, 2005
its pretty self explantory, and also a grand alternative for some other cruel words.. and feel free to add in your own versions.. pinapplecakes, crabcakes, bullcakes, asiancakes.. be creative!!
omg the french test was today?!?!?!??! fuck!!

now now.. dont be like that!

sorry.. SHITCAKES!!
by karanna January 17, 2008
That crap your mom makes.
A cake that tastes like shit.
"MMM great shit cake auntie Maurine!"

"Always glad to try a slice of your shitcake!"

"What a load of shitcake!"

"Anybody for Shitcake?"
by Sopdiedop January 03, 2008
When you poop on a girls tits and pound it with your dick so it looks like a cake.
Hank:I gave Jenny some shit cakes last night.

Jeff:Shit dude, me to!
by magoo112 November 16, 2009
a piece of shit baked on ones ass.
Yestarday we made some tasty shit cakes!
by Zeebes June 18, 2006
my mothers cakes
"mom this cake tastes like shit!!!!"
by keenan April 07, 2004

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