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A word to describe something that's not very good or plesant.

Also can be used when in paint or instead of a naughty word! OOOOOOOO!
'Oh Willyidge! I think i've been burgled!'

'WILLYIDGE my foot is trapped in the washing machine!!'

'Das ist willyidge!'


' Well, is'nt this a pile of willyidge!'
by Sopdiedop September 29, 2007
That crap your mom makes.
A cake that tastes like shit.
"MMM great shit cake auntie Maurine!"

"Always glad to try a slice of your shitcake!"

"What a load of shitcake!"

"Anybody for Shitcake?"
by Sopdiedop January 03, 2008
The same as the word Shit.

"Erm, shizza?"

"HAHAHAH what a load of shizza!"
by Sopdiedop January 03, 2008
A combination of the word Thanks and Wanker.
Can be used when talking to your boss or somebody else who seems to be getting on your nerves.
"Hey boss thanka for that letter you sent me"
"Oh why thanka"
" Your such a good thanka"
" you ducking thanka"
by Sopdiedop January 03, 2008

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