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A BDSM practice involving the injecting of small amounts of other people's faeces under the skin. These then blister.
by meater October 06, 2003
You inject your lover's feces under your skin and wait untill it festers and blisters; Then you rip the blisters open with your teeth, and lick up the festering shit.
I got several nasty infections from shit-blistering with John.
by Jeremy July 11, 2003
A short-lived 80s body modification trend whereby fecal material was injected under the skin to raise (depending on your POV) either hideous pustules or aesthetically pleasing blebs.
Opal told me "Shit-blistered balls are wonderful to behold."
by Pastor Future May 15, 2005
an extreme form of masochistic behaviour, in which the slave is coated with fecal material until blisters are raised on the skin. Not for the faint-of-heart, or the sane.
The dungeon of his master was where he endured shit-blistering, in order to gain Her approval.
by Lord Uther March 13, 2003
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