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LITERALLY: A Sodomite or Ass Fucker.

BOB: Sis, I don't know if you REALLY want to go out with Dick. I know he's handsome and has lots of money, but, he is a shit fucker -- literally.

SHEILA: That's okay, I like it in the ass.

BOB: I didn't need to know that!
by Gladass Night March 02, 2009
27 10
Simple people to the extreme. Low educated. They are your rural lazy ignorant towns people. Most likely on Welfare, but not all. They do not improve on their lives, they just make them more difficult. They raise shitty families generation after generation. Shitfuckers absolutely love to make little things big. Getting pitbulls, jail, loud trucks, smoking, polluting etc. These people do not at ALL care about their health. Alcohol plays a HUGE part of their life. They make big deals out of the simplest things, and LOVE getting off on it. hence the name shit-fucker. They in essence fuck shit by doing that.

(Not literally I hope).

People who are getting sick of these people or make them sick, have shitfuckeritus a very troublesome illness.
Brian- "Shit man, gota get me some fish, but no bait!"

Ted- "Aah shit, just use your cigg butt."

Sam- "yuckk this town is full of shitfuckers!"

Olivia- "IKR, I think I have shitfuckeritus"
by shitfuckeritus January 02, 2011
23 7
1. some asshole who pisses you off

2. a man who puts his penis in the asshole of a woman who is recently returned from the bathroom
1. that shit-fucker just keyed my car

2. my husband is a shit-fucker
by AMIRacle September 02, 2007
26 11

1) Politicians and corporate executives who enjoy ass fucking the public.

2) when a dude sticks his nasty dick into an asshole filled with lots of shit.
e.g) That Obama is a real shit fucker...always in bed with the corporations and the queers having himself a shit fucking orgy.
by soulofthasun October 16, 2009
14 3
a person who fuck's shit
you little shitfucker.
by occasum February 18, 2009
23 12
1) A term used to describe an individual who engages in anal sex.

2) An insult to be thrown at a person for making an ass of him or herself but not necessarily referring to the above actions.
Daniel is a total shit fucker, his girlfriend told me she took it up the ass from his last night.
13 6
australian government
man i hate those shit fuckers
by izzle bizzle June 09, 2003
31 24