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n. One who has sexual intercourse(fuck) with a piece or a pile of shit. Adj. To descirbe how stupid one is.
Quique Pina of Chicago IL, is the biggest shitfucker I have ever met because of his attitude and he smells of shit.
by RJP April 22, 2003
1. what you have left over near the bottom of a bag of chips.
2. if you drink a foamy beer down to about 1/4" left in the glass, what you have left over.
3. the people you have left at the end of a party, or at bar close in a tavern.
synonyms: bottom of the barrel, picked over.
"Son, you wear that out to town, and all you're comin' home with is scrids."
by rjp February 15, 2005
When a chick, despite being on her rag, still wants to fuck.
"I was gonna fuck her but it turned out she was serving caesars."
by RJP October 05, 2004
Important part
The critical piece of this transaction is the valuation
#important #part #piece #transaction #m&a
by Rjp September 18, 2013
A driver who uses only one hand at any given position on the steering wheel. May often use palm and friction to turn the wheel without grabbing it. Rarely adds a second hand except for extreme circumstances.
The guy that hit me was driving like a twelve-hour one armed bandit.
by rjp October 05, 2004
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