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what is found in your penis after anal sex, to produce a shit worm after some hard anal ,grab base of penis and slowly ring out to the tip
after banging her in her ass for a while I curled out a shit worm
by BIG DADDY69 January 12, 2006
cum that is in your shit after getting fucked in the ass way way way to hard!
oooo crap i have shit worms!
by t-young mofo November 06, 2006
When you stick your foot in someones butt crack/grundle area and wiggle your toes causing extreme discomfort and panic.
Although I was wearing socks my toes still smelled like shit after I gave my girlfriend a shit worm.
by hekz March 13, 2010
A Fucken ass hole thats a frigen Fucktard
OMFG!! You ShitWorm Quit THE BS!!
by Matt March 25, 2005
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