Fag, homosexual, pole sitter, butt pirate.
I was taking a piss in the urinal at the game and I look over and see some shitstabber staring at my crank.
by Larry Tiita May 11, 2009
Top Definition
The stabbing of one's shit by another man's erect genitalia via the exit pipe
Ste: "Chris can I poke your bum hole?"
Chris:"But you might stab some of my shit!"
Ste: "You didn't mind last time"
Chris:"I did - it got a bit messy"
Ste: "Shit sorry I thought you were asleep."
by Ste April 06, 2003
sausage jockey , uphill gardener, turd burgler, pile pusher, fudge farmer, nudging the chocolate starfish
being a fuckin shit stabbing batty boy
by feltcher boy September 09, 2003
One who partakes in the act of shit stabbing; copulating anally.
See, I told you he was a shit stabber.
by BarryBurton August 09, 2006
One who stabs shit.A homosexual.
You know, Patricia…Al, he’s not had a proper girlfriend!


Imagine this – thirty three and still no girlfriend! I used to weep at night, thinking he might be a Mary Queen!


No! A Mary Queen! A poof! A shit-stabber!
by Robo the gay October 14, 2003
Gay Sex.
When a male inserts penis up the others bum.
I Love A Good Shitstab.
I Heard He Was A Shitstabber!
"No Way!"
by MOLLii3 X August 21, 2007
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