1. Frozen shit on a pop sickle stick.

2. A dick with shit covered in shit.
1. May I have a bite of your shitsickle?

2. After they had anal sex, he got a shitsickle
by funnydefinition March 13, 2011
Top Definition
That which hangs from a dog's ass in extremely cold weather.
That maingy mutt needs a cut! Look at all those shit sickles hanging from his ass!
by digger January 02, 2005
If you use an outhouse at your camp in the middle of winter, and you were drunk as fuck, you take a shit and because your shit is liquid, it freezes and hangs off the hairs on on your ass. Thus making it look like icesickles.
Man I was drunk as fuck out at camp this weekend, I woke up and needed to take a shit. It was so cold outside that when I took a shit in the outhouse, my shit froze and I had shitsickles hanging off my ass like icesickles on a roof!
by G. Wizzard June 20, 2006
When some one who is hunting in the woods durring the winter and goes to take a crap only to find that thier crap has frozen on the way out causing constapation.
Man make sure u drink plenty of hot chocolate and laxatives before u go hunting so u dont get a shitsickle!
by The Michael Reed June 04, 2007
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