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A date (usually a chick) that gets so drunk that she shits herself.
Sally can't hold her liquor, she's such a shit monkey.
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 01, 2010
The undeniable cause for morning breath. A screeching monkey that spends it's nighttime hours visiting households around the world, with the sole purpose of shitting in the sleeping occupant's mouth.
That damn shit monkey got me again today. He always visits after a heavy night of drinking.
by Dustin Holub April 16, 2004
1. Sneaky, underhanded, aggravating person; 2. Brown-nosing toady.
1. "Hey, did you steal my lunch, you shitmonkey?" 2. "Better kiss more ass, shitmonkey, if you want that promotion."
by King Mob May 20, 2004
Female person that talks excessive amounts of rubbish that makes as much sense as a jibbering monkey flinging shit across the room.

by Gurrman September 21, 2006
An expletive used the same way as shit, but it's more fun to say.
Shit monkey! I burned my arm on the curling iron.
by KrW September 07, 2005
any obvious lying fucking primate bi-pedal asshole espousing falsehoods out of it's rectum-like mouth orifice. i.e.-a liar.Everything that falls out of these creatures is pure shit,hence-"shit monkey"
George W. Bush is actually websters picture example if you look closely to the right of the definition. Right next to the phrase-"blatant shitmonkeyness". There are countless numbers of these creatures among us unfortunately. They can be readily identified, and one can tell when they are lying as you will notice the mouth orifice is open.
by KANE August 03, 2004
soemthing you can yell when you don't know what the fucks going on or this too hardcore for you...can be used in plural and singular...can be used as a noun an adjective and an exclamation
noun:stop being a shit monkey handjobber
adjective: well that's shit monkey tastic
Tamara: hey Kyle want me to give u head
Kyle: halleluija, halleluija...halleluijaaa..
Dylan:Holy shit monkeys I did not see that coming
by Dylowned September 10, 2005