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The plural for a band that makes bad music
Nickelback. Sounds like a bunch of guys with IVFs in their arms and flowers in their hair, pulling one last tune out of their asses before they get executed by baboons on some weird island. This is one of many shit bands.
by Annaisjesus November 13, 2007
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Panic! At the Disco, New Metallica, Fallout Boy, Korn, and Slipknot.

Dream Theater, Marilyn Manson, Tool
The above are all shit bands.
by Raphael Faunus February 28, 2007
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99 percent of the shit that's on Myspace.
Joff: Hey dood, check out me new band homeboy, were on myspace man, we gonna be massive dood.

Rab: Not tonight mate, washing me hair.

Joff: But dood, we gonna be massive n stuff! Aiiiight! I got contacts me.

Rab: Sunshine, all the advertisement in the world won't make you a better band. Now fuck off, you little flid. Tsssk, shit bands and myspace go together like flies and shit.
by heresyourchair January 06, 2010
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