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A guy, usally around 17 that is a loner, a myspace man is known to have a large collection of fleshlights, a myspace man usally has a profile on myspace saying he is a 19 year old surfer in a band but be warned he is young and when protected by the internet he is mean but in person he will run and run fast
I heard zack flipped out on you? Yeah he did .. I told him to shut the fuck up on msn last night and he said he would beat me to death with a solid gold flesh light. I showed up and last I heard he was still under his moms bed. What a myspace man
by eric099 April 17, 2009
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either you are saying (i love goin on myspace man) space man is going to mars today
already in definition myspace man or my space man is going to mars
by pango1476245 August 01, 2006

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