So Happy It's Thursday.

Much like Thank God It's Friday (T.G.I.F.)
Person 1: "Tomorrow is Friday, the weekend is near!"
Person 2: "S.H.I.T. I am so excited! Let's celebrate!"
by A man named Joseph December 11, 2010
Tuesday/ Thursday
by mndz_mkl September 27, 2009
crap, poop, feces, waste from the body that cannot be used for energy.
Just wanted to add another type of shit to the shit list:
the cannon shit:
when the pressure of a fart behind the shit, shoves the shit out your ass, like a cannon.

The Mile long shit: when a shit is so big, you wonder how it fit in your rectum.
Person A: "Awww man! I just took a cannon shit!"

Person B: "nice"

Person A: " I just took a mile long shit!"

Person B: "How does that fit inside you??
by JetsetRM August 18, 2008
very, usually used in instances where the extent of the instance is almost unbelievable
After Steve totalled his car, it became shit broke.
The speedy wide receiver was feared because he was shit fast.
We were so good, the whole country considered us shit hot.
Bob was a drinker who was known for becoming shit drunk at parties.
by Applz July 21, 2008
Bad, Rancid, & Colorful Body Waste That is Released From Your Anus.
For Example: An AlBasha Sub.
by Ali H.Saad June 24, 2005
A bowel movement, a turd!
Don step in the dog shit!!
by Pink Floyd Fanatic October 08, 2002
Nickelback is shit.
by opa2299 December 24, 2011

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