The Screaming-Skwits Shit:
The kind of shit that "skwits" out your ass like water in little lumps of crap at a rapid pace.
One of those awful days when you catch a stomach virus, you begin to shit uncontrolablly, and you end up spending the night in the bathroom; and to make matters worse, the virus was given to you by a close friend.
by Sam & Andrea January 23, 2009
very, usually used in instances where the extent of the instance is almost unbelievable
After Steve totalled his car, it became shit broke.
The speedy wide receiver was feared because he was shit fast.
We were so good, the whole country considered us shit hot.
Bob was a drinker who was known for becoming shit drunk at parties.
by Applz July 21, 2008
1. Verb: Slang for when someone takes a crap.
2. Interjection: When someone usually makes a mistake, they will yell out this word.
Example number 1: "Dude, hold up for a minute, I've got to take a shit."
Example Number 2:
Me: Did you remeber to get the keys?
Donielle: Shit! No...
by Numbah 36 April 25, 2008
The word could mean multiple things, depending on how you use it.

Shit could be..poop
Something that stinks
Or it could be used to degrade or give someone a compliment.
Or shit could mean something.
You some shit nigga.:(
Son you the shit...:)
Son you smell like shit.
nigga dont talk about shit u dont know
by Shaquille August 30, 2007
"Shit" can sometimes mean hashish which is a preparation of cannabis composed of the compressed stalked resin glands called trichomes, collected from the cannabis plant.It is a rich amount of THC.And it can really get you high for the night,even if you share it with friends !
Dude1 : Hey Bubu! I loved that "shit" you brought from Colentina,it was really great !

Dude2 : Yea i fucking know that it's damn good !
by Coisanu93 October 21, 2010
Another way of saying those or them...a grouping of items or things.
Let me see them shits.

by PhillyPhill April 11, 2009
crap, poop, feces, waste from the body that cannot be used for energy.
Just wanted to add another type of shit to the shit list:
the cannon shit:
when the pressure of a fart behind the shit, shoves the shit out your ass, like a cannon.

The Mile long shit: when a shit is so big, you wonder how it fit in your rectum.
Person A: "Awww man! I just took a cannon shit!"

Person B: "nice"

Person A: " I just took a mile long shit!"

Person B: "How does that fit inside you??
by JetsetRM August 18, 2008
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