So Happy It's Thursday.

Much like Thank God It's Friday (T.G.I.F.)
Person 1: "Tomorrow is Friday, the weekend is near!"
Person 2: "S.H.I.T. I am so excited! Let's celebrate!"
by A man named Joseph December 11, 2010
Tuesday/ Thursday
by mndz_mkl September 27, 2009
Another way of saying those or them...a grouping of items or things.
Let me see them shits.

by PhillyPhill April 11, 2009
The Screaming-Skwits Shit:
The kind of shit that "skwits" out your ass like water in little lumps of crap at a rapid pace.
One of those awful days when you catch a stomach virus, you begin to shit uncontrolablly, and you end up spending the night in the bathroom; and to make matters worse, the virus was given to you by a close friend.
by Sam & Andrea January 23, 2009
a shit is brown and comes out of your bum.
i just shit my self.
by kyle hill August 21, 2006
Bad, Rancid, & Colorful Body Waste That is Released From Your Anus.
For Example: An AlBasha Sub.
by Ali H.Saad June 24, 2005
A bowel movement, a turd!
Don step in the dog shit!!
by Pink Floyd Fanatic October 08, 2002

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