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The stabbing of one's shit by another man's erect genitalia via the exit pipe
Ste: "Chris can I poke your bum hole?"
Chris:"But you might stab some of my shit!"
Ste: "You didn't mind last time"
Chris:"I did - it got a bit messy"
Ste: "Shit sorry I thought you were asleep."
by Ste April 06, 2003
Fag, homosexual, pole sitter, butt pirate.
I was taking a piss in the urinal at the game and I look over and see some shitstabber staring at my crank.
by Larry Tiita May 11, 2009
sausage jockey , uphill gardener, turd burgler, pile pusher, fudge farmer, nudging the chocolate starfish
being a fuckin shit stabbing batty boy
by feltcher boy September 09, 2003
One who partakes in the act of shit stabbing; copulating anally.
See, I told you he was a shit stabber.
by BarryBurton August 09, 2006
One who stabs shit.A homosexual.
You know, Patricia…Al, he’s not had a proper girlfriend!


Imagine this – thirty three and still no girlfriend! I used to weep at night, thinking he might be a Mary Queen!


No! A Mary Queen! A poof! A shit-stabber!
by Robo the gay October 14, 2003
Gay Sex.
When a male inserts penis up the others bum.
I Love A Good Shitstab.
I Heard He Was A Shitstabber!
"No Way!"
by MOLLii3 X August 21, 2007
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