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One who speaks confidently on subjects of which they actually have no knowledge. Shit sprouters usually posses an air of authority and have been known to exude excessive self confidence when sprouting shit, hiding the fact that they really know nothing. Shit can also be sprouted deliberately as malicious misinformation, often to coerce people into making decisions that ultimately benefit the sprouter. Similar in nature to a bullshit artist or con-man, but much harder to spot as the shit sprouter may be so over compensating their ignorance that they might not actually be aware of the fact that they are sprouting shit, and in some sick way, believe their own shit.
Ignorant sprouting:
shit sprouter: "Our clients will sell more product if you change your design and make the call-out bigger."
Designer: "Oh, according to what research do you base your suggestions?"
shit sprouter: ignores the question "Consumers love big call-outs, they find it easier to understand the benefits of the product if you make everything really big!"

Deliberate sprouting:
shit sprouter: "We're all voting for Parvity dude, you should switch your vote"
Victim: "Oh, ok, thanks for the heads up, I'll do that"

Malicious sprouting:
Overpaid shit sprouter: "Hey, you know that dipshit in accounting earns more than you"
Underpaid Victim: "Really? I'm so gonna go on strike"
Overpaid shit sprouter: secretly laughing "Yeah man, you should do that - fuck the establishment!"
by jonathad March 31, 2010
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