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Ridiculous/wild outcomes and or actions that can be caused by intoxication that ultimatley leads to moments of blackness and dissaray.
Last night was such a shit show, I can't believe that I started dancing on the bar topless!!!
by Sivana March 26, 2007
156 146
1) A party or event where where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed.

2) A person who consumes a copious amount of alcohol, making them physically and/or mentally unstable.

(see Shitfaced)
1) Everyone at this party is hammered drunk. This is a total shit-show.

2) Kaidra had way too much to drink and is now a complete Shit-Show.
by woody88 June 08, 2009
18 9
Noun. any multitude of people who are "shitfaced" at the same time.
That was one hell of a shitshow last night!
by zebrastripes1357 January 29, 2011
9 8
when things are just out sorts or just outta control
Hey Rack, how's your new appartment looking? Arrrgg, everything is all over the place, it's a real shit-show.
by Randy Clarke October 12, 2006
13 13
what noncreative people (usually fraternity and sorority members) use to describe a reckless, drunk, and exciting night! people that use this word might also use words like "haggard" "legit" and "debauchery." It's also very common to use this as a facebook album title.
Omg last night at Sigma Gamma Epsilon was such a shit-show, I can't even remember anything, except that red cup I was holding in every picture!!!
by totesboss April 23, 2008
28 29
A display of ridiculousness. This ridiculousness could be measured in alcohol consumption, or by other controlled substances that is causing a group of people to look like idiots. It is not a "show," yet a display of behavior that is unappealing to the innocent bystander who wishes to not take part in such ridiculousness.
Everyone in that bar is drunk and acting like idiots, it looks like a total shit show in there-let's bounce.
by Mainah. March 24, 2010
42 44
The point in a night of cheerful drunkenness, where one moves past the point of fuzzy warmth into "OH SHIT!" territory, and then all the fuckin dawgs get let out the pound. This feeling is usually followed by a hangover that will hit you harder than a punk-ass kid that doesn't know anything about bumper-car etiquette, or a .42 BAC.
Oh man, did you see Willie last night.. Total Shit Show. He must have experimented with at least 2 beers.
by Danny Drunkass September 10, 2010
51 56