a person's finger or the remaining stump of a finger
Ted watched in horror as the grenade blew of his buddy's shit pickers.
by Gwava February 22, 2007
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someone who picks shit out of their butt.
"did you see how little billy was scratching his butt crack?" "yeah, he's a little shit picker."
by Bob February 27, 2005
a person who constantly picks at their "shit" or genitalia.
Mike is always picking and scratching his crotch. Taylor said he is a Shit Picker.
by eet fuk! January 21, 2010
either a bin man, or some school children who pick up general crap off the floor
aah! that shit picker tried to pick me up
by hic-up December 12, 2003
Someone who picks shit out of his/her ass.
Shade7x is a shitpicker.
by Apocalypse420 August 11, 2003

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