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when you have a brownie or muffin that looks like a piece of dookie or choclate log with wierd texture but taste really really good
Guy1: what the hell is that shit in ur hand?!

guy2: no its the shit muffin my mom made this morning.
by Macarroni July 27, 2008
1. Small cake purchased in WalMart

2. When you have not had a shit for a long time

3. Insult
1. "Check out these muffins, I got them in WalMart...don't they just taste like shite?"

2. "I would have helped that old lady across the road, but I had a shitmuffin brewing"

by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
1. A food item that looks a lot like a terd but is still edible. 2. Something you say when you have no idea what the hell is going on.
1. Ugh! What the fuck is that on that shelf. It looks like a shit muffin.

2. Where the fuck am I? Oh shit muffins! I am totally confused.
by crackrabbit January 01, 2005
-n. (literal)Muffins made with feces
-n. (subjective) a curseword used to express indignation, fear, anger, or disgust.
Ex. I
Sarah: I'm pregnant.
Bob: Shit muffins.

Ex. II
Mother: Whatcha got there, Jimmy?
Son: Shit muffins! :B
by Narukashi666 January 07, 2011
A nickname that connotes fondness, much like biscuitlips and assbiscuit.
My shitmuffin, I will love you til the end of time!
by HAASespecial June 08, 2007
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