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A widely known joke of uncertain origin involving two personified muffins residing within an oven.

Has been regarded as the best, worst, most over-told, most under-appreciated, most clever, and/or most lame joke in history. As with most well known jokes, there are many different versions, usually with small changes to the phrasing of their location and the first muffin's comment, but faithfully ending with "HOLY SHIT, A TALKING MUFFIN!".
A well known version of The Muffin Joke:

So these two muffins are chillin' in a oven, right? The first muffin says to the second muffin: "Ahh! We're in an oven..." The second muffin says to the first muffin: "HOLY SHIT, A TALKING MUFFIN!"
by TwiztedMessiah September 22, 2010
1- A surprised or sarcastic, but acknowledging, response to a statement of intelligence from a usually ill-informed or negligible source.

2- A phrase uttered when someone makes a statement that is completely unnecessary, painfully obvious, or both.

Adapted from The Muffin Joke. As seen in the example, which definition is used depends on the respondent's perspective of the original comment.
1: Parent: "Halo: Reach was completely over-hyped."

Gamer Child: "Holy shit, a talking muffin!"

2: Parent: "Halo: Reach was completely over-hyped."

Gamer Child: "Holy shit, a talking muffin."
by TwiztedMessiah September 22, 2010

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