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Three-syllable expression of surprise used by Texans and other peckerwoods.
Shit fire! George W. Bush can write a complete sentence.
by cornholio October 16, 2003
A general exclamation denoting surprise, arousal, discontent, or boredom. It's a buffer word. Earliest film reference is Deliverance, starring uber-fit Burt Reynolds.
Damn, you can play that solo. Shitfire!

That guy just cut me off! SHITFIRE!

Shitfire, I'm bored.

Shitfire, you're sexy.
by Lolita & Herb November 08, 2006
Word used frequently by a sixty year old grandmother who delights in Goodwill shopping, antique shopping, BARGAINS, and gambling on penny machines -- it describes anything frustrating, amazing, eye-boggling, shocking, or totally unexpected
Well, shit fire. That jerk just ran me off the road
by stellastan February 03, 2010
1) A derogatory term used to refer to the Crossfire Injection system, used by General Motors between 1981 and 1984. It was replaced by TPI in 1985. Crossfire Injection had a reputation for being unreliable. Also see Ceasefire.
My shitfire Corvette doesn't run.
by Fluffy the Friendly Aryan June 05, 2004
A name given to the Windsor Spitfires hockey team when they are playing like shit (which is most of the time).
"Do you want to watch the Shitfire game?"
by Adam- February 27, 2007
when you eat too much hot sause that your shit feals like fire
man i ate to much spicy wings im gunna shit fire tonight
by charlie March 30, 2005