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Three-syllable expression of surprise used by Texans and other peckerwoods.
Shit fire! George W. Bush can write a complete sentence.
by cornholio October 16, 2003
91 29
A general exclamation denoting surprise, arousal, discontent, or boredom. It's a buffer word. Earliest film reference is Deliverance, starring uber-fit Burt Reynolds.
Damn, you can play that solo. Shitfire!

That guy just cut me off! SHITFIRE!

Shitfire, I'm bored.

Shitfire, you're sexy.
by Lolita & Herb November 08, 2006
72 26
Word used frequently by a sixty year old grandmother who delights in Goodwill shopping, antique shopping, BARGAINS, and gambling on penny machines -- it describes anything frustrating, amazing, eye-boggling, shocking, or totally unexpected
Well, shit fire. That jerk just ran me off the road
by stellastan February 03, 2010
21 9
A name given to the Windsor Spitfires hockey team when they are playing like shit (which is most of the time).
"Do you want to watch the Shitfire game?"
by Adam- February 27, 2007
9 20
1) A derogatory term used to refer to the Crossfire Injection system, used by General Motors between 1981 and 1984. It was replaced by TPI in 1985. Crossfire Injection had a reputation for being unreliable. Also see Ceasefire.
My shitfire Corvette doesn't run.
by Fluffy the Friendly Aryan June 05, 2004
19 30
when you eat too much hot sause that your shit feals like fire
man i ate to much spicy wings im gunna shit fire tonight
by charlie March 30, 2005
15 55