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When you are at work and you are taking a shit and another co-worker walks in the restroom and notices the locked stall door and walks right back out.
"I was taking a shit and Aaron took one step in the restroom and walked right back out."

"Yeah dude, thats called a shit block"
by Lewy23 April 22, 2008
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when you go to five guys and see who can last the longest without shitting
yo man i gotta shit
if you do you lose the shit block game brah
by sparrer547 April 25, 2010
when you take the nastiest shit when your boy and his girl are making out in the other room... this shit literally interrupts sexy time.
Tom is making out with Sharlene so i guess its time to make anal explosion (shit block) to disrupt sexy time.
by crazy brown man April 17, 2007
When you glue yor ass together and try to take a shit but it's blocked by your ass.
"Yo, Louie, why are you so red? Oh, it's because you had another shitblock. dumbass."
by John lush March 07, 2003

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