When you are walking your dog and he attempts to lift his leg to take a piss, then re-thinks he has to shit. Resulting in a dog shitting with his one leg up. Very comical!
Good Ol' Taz took a shiss on that rock out of piss/shit confusion.
by Tiptop77 November 25, 2012
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Form of defecation that resembles urine as much as feces; liquid poo.
Matt just let some shiss rip in the toilet
by Dave April 06, 2003
To take a piss and a shit at the same time (a combination of shit and piss)
Lisa: Honey, where are you going

Scott: I'm going to take a shiss

Lisa: Don't you mean a shit?

Scott: No a shiss, I'm going to take a piss and a shit, I just think it's easier and quicker to combine the two and say shiss.
by fanboys of anything suck dick August 28, 2009
When you go for a dump but only thin light brown water comes out, usually spattering the pan, often resulting in splashback
"I just shissed all over the place"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009
A complicated art, when performed correctly 'shissing' exemplifies multi-tasking and unequivocable prowess to the hilt of mankind's uppermost eschalons. Quite literally, 'to shiss' is to excrete simultaneously, which is too say 'pissing whilst shitting...shissing'.

A fundamental quality of military leaders and comedic performers alike, shissing nevertheless assumes the position of social taboo, and is thus confined to confidential conversation and, inevitably, urbandictionary.com
Person 1: Buddy, i have an issue...i need to do a twosie and onesie...at the same time
Person 2: Don't worry, just take a shiss
Person 1: Fo' shissle
by BG.1717 June 28, 2009
To shit and piss, all in one sitting.
1) Dude! Pull over! I gotta take a Shiss!

2) God damn it! I think Gary just shissed himself!
by The shissmaster October 20, 2009
When your in a hurry(whether it be to get back to video games, dinner, or bed) and you push to hard while peeing, coincidentally shitting your pants.
I heard David in the bathroom at lunch. He was pushing so hard peeing I thought he was going to shiss!
by David smallwood February 04, 2015

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