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hot sexy and oh so tempting
i wish i could have a shima right now
by shimers January 14, 2004
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girl version of bling, bling, ie shima shima refers to the way they catch attention and attract the room, diamonds and expensive fashion, body and face
t - that girls blinging

a - naw man, shes a 10 def but thats shima
by gonegoinggone July 30, 2006
swaggen down the street late at night, only shima.

some pull. few full pull. only shima swaggs.
by deez.deez.deez.dez.deez January 25, 2009

An Island
Boku wa shima ni ikimashita.( I went to the Island.)
by Takokun December 14, 2007
If you need to make fun of a random guy, or someone asks you who you hate, you can say shiMa!
<Bac>Guess who I'm getting a present for tommorow
<Bac>hahahahahaha rofl
by Bacon February 16, 2005

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