a 1 meter tall wooden stick with a big bump on the end, used as both a club & walking stick by the Irish
Forsooth, thou art a knave! Leave this place in peace or I shall thrash thee about the head & shoulders with my shillelagh!
by Silky Smooth April 29, 2004
Top Definition
an irish word for a cudgel made of blackthorn, oak, or other hardwoods.

usually slightly smaller than a walking stick or cane. good for quick repetitious beating of individuals.

also used by some witty irish males to refer to their penis.
yo back off motherfucka or ima hafta cudgel you with my shellelagh
by vincent black shadow October 18, 2004
A potent drink usually accompanying the irish car bomb.

Directions: Fill a double shot glass halfway with Bailey's Irish Cream, then fill the rest of the way with Jameson's.

pour me a shillelagh mate.
by frank carter March 24, 2006
A crude, silver pipe, made of an unknown metal, and found in a crack dealers garage, made famous by Al Doolittle in Shanty-Town circa 1991-95.
Wait a minute, holmes, this green is special, let me get out the shillelagh.
by bertha4201 February 21, 2011
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