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Person who is intelligent, beautiful and a little crazy. Weirdness comes naturally to this person and is known to be slightly insane occasionally. However with rare combination of intelligence and that gorgeous face, the person is bound to hit it big despite the unusual character and ability to find strange things funny.
shiksha could be someone who is extremely smart, probably top of the class without even trying. shiksha possesses good looks, but can scare people with the maniacal laughing that shiksha is prone to. shiksha has a weird sense of humour.
by iamawesome101111 May 27, 2009
A completely gorgeous girl who attracts every boy. She is funny, smart and really really pretty. She is very mature and kind to everyone. She can kick butt, too. Shiksha is a completely hot, sexy girl.

Usually has a crush on an Ajay
Dude look at Shiksha, I seriously want to date her

I know right, I'm in love with her
by Hello there1234 November 19, 2013
Indian name for "Knowledge" and "Beautiful Girl"

Also usually has last names that starts with an "A"

Usually Indian and Nepalian boys love her.
"OMG she is totally a Shiksha"

"I wish I could be a Shiksha"
by Hello there1234 November 20, 2013
A sexy, beautiful, hot girl, which makes every boy want to kiss her on the lips. Shiksha is also very good at Tae Kwon Do
Dude I kissed Shiksha on the lips

Lucky. I heard she is very good at Tae Kwon Doe
by Hello there1234 November 20, 2013
A girl that has a hot, sexy body
"Look at her body, man Shiksha has a sexy body. I want her as my girlfriend"
by Hello there1234 November 20, 2013
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