Very good. Pleasing. The best.
"You like my new pants?"
"Very Shiggity!"
by Jebus June 02, 2003
Top Definition
can be inserted into any sentence, replacing any noun, verb or adjective. can be used as a sentence on its own, with emphasis added using a question mark, period or exclamation point. in crisis or haste shig can be used.
where is that shig
by joel rottman April 30, 2006
Fo Shiggity (For Sure)
by Diego September 24, 2003
Alternative for the curse word "shit"
Fook this shiggity
by Cryssiej January 31, 2011
(N.) Dumb ass s***
Hey, cool. Shiggity Swha!
by G-Union May 22, 2003
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