the wonderful feeling of release caused by dumping a shit either so powerful or forced to be held in until the last possible moment ("the crowning"). Can be either a verb or noun.
He experienced the bliss of a shigasm in the gas station crapper after a 3 hour, Red Bull and french fry road trip
by Brett from Cincy October 19, 2007
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the release of a shit so strong and/or urgent that its rapid plunge from your ass feels so good it's almost orgasmic. Hence, shigasm
after a 3 hour, non-stop, nacho fueled car trip, you're guaranteed to produce at least one shigasm at the first QuikiMart crapper you sit your ass upon
by Brett from Cincy October 09, 2007
The act of orgasming so hard that one starts to defecate oneself.
Lorenzo: That movie was totally pwnage.
Alex: I almost made me shigasm.
Lorenzo: So thats wat i be smellin...
by Havik8(The Cuban) March 05, 2008

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