French kiss or snog. Used in the north of ireland. Tongues, the boy grabs the girls ass and the girl has her hands around the boys neck. Usually happens with the biy against the wall.
Boy: will you shift my friend?
Girl1: naw

Girl2: aye she will, have him at the wall, I'll get her over
by Thatothergirl December 20, 2014
Often used to describe a canine defication. The terms origins are disputed: some say that the term was first used in Poole, Dorset; the opposing camp claim Welsh ownership, particularly in the Cardiff area. Shifting is often quantified by both length and number of results Shifting is often associated with profuse gas emissions. These have been called "pre-shifting bodily excercises."
"Alfie needs to go out for a shift."
"That dog can certainly shift, he's laid out 18 inches over three shifts today already"
by jz32300 March 18, 2015
A magic button that changes 1 into !, what some people forget.
LOL OMG WTF 1111111111111111111111111
by XD147 August 22, 2005
Masturbation. (The noun of the verb 'to shift')
Jay - "I love shifts."
Torin - "Yea, you shift all the time, don't you?"
Jay - "Yea, I shifted three times yesterday."
Torin - "You're just the ultimate shifter, aren't you."
by MP Shifter December 23, 2008
A long day spent in your local shiftin pints usually on saturday whilst watchin the football.
My boss : You look rough, Take it you were out last nite!?

Me : yeah it was a good shift

My boss : *walking away shaking his head*

Me : stupid cunt
by IPeedInTheSinkOnce September 17, 2010
to masturbate vigeresouly JAY
i took shifts last night
by mizzark April 05, 2006
Another word for "Stab" or "Shank"
"I'm so serious, I will shift you. xD"
by Your Momma ;D October 08, 2011

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