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An illegal act in which a person sniffs their poop in order to develop their immunity at an alarming rate.

Derives from the words, shit sniffing.
That person was shiffing in the bathroom the other day.
by shiffmeister May 21, 2011
Shiffing is a Fantasy Football term for ripping off your friends by trading several inferior players for fewer high quality players. this includes harrassment through posting comments and text messages, and dealing this with people who obviously have no clue what they are doing. Then talking smack and being a jerk after the trade by verbally berating and being a bitch about it to the person he ripped off. It also includes the OCD technique of bombarding everyone with random horrible trade offers
Man, all that Shiffing before that trade must have made you crazy!, and he's been Shiffing me too, but I cant stand dealing with all that crap. Its ruined all the fun in our league!
by sarjas November 06, 2011

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