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So Hard I Farted
Added to the ending of common acronyms
Shine: Holy shit is what you get when you have anal sex w/ a priest
Christi: lmao
B: rolf-shif

ROFL-SHIF, Rolling On the Floor Laughing - So Hard I Farted LMAO-SHIF, Laughing My Ass Off - So Hard I Farted
by B.Murphy July 18, 2009
An idiot usually in grade 9 who acts like he's in grade 6 and act like they have friends. Known for using around ten emojis in one sentence.
Example: Yo! That was so lit fam 😂👌🏼🙈💯💯
"Did you see shif acting tough in the hall way?"
by Fusi June 13, 2016
A combination shit & fish smell that comes off a girls ass when fucking her doggy style. Usually forces you to turn your head and hold your breath. Sometimes pushing her butt cheeks together helps. If severe enough doggy style is not an option
I was about to fuck her doggy style when I smelled shif.
by bobbydeuce December 21, 2006
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