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being or having the characteristics of something cool.
Erin: " How was Sean's party last night?"
Laura: " Shibyyyyyyy! Everyone was there!"
by Hdiggity July 25, 2006
A boy,(some would call teen but in actuality is just a boy) who is a player, or known by many guys as a faggot he is a very sad person he hits on girls dating or not, not realizing one day he will get messed the F up, he just has to wait for it. Even those who don't know him know hes a fag
Andy: Hey do you think Shiby is a fag?

Tommy: I dont know him, but his name sounds faggy.
by the "dude" December 21, 2008
Means 'the shit'. People say shiby instead of shit in school.
Dat's da shiby!
I've never seen such a huge pile of shiby in my life.
by Alenag_russianchic June 03, 2004

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