best word in the world

word of joy, glee and excitement
"You just touched Cindy Boner's hoo-hoos! SHIBBY!!
by ANderson March 09, 2004
"Dude, you just touched Chrissy Boners hoo-hoo's" SHIBBY!!!!!!!
shibby dude
by ME!!! November 23, 2003
to take a dump or an emotion
yo man, i took a shibby on my neighboors front lawn, then he stepped in my shibby, and got shibby all over his shoes, i was like SHIBBY, the guy was so shibbied off
by kx252 November 20, 2003
a derivative of "Shit" ... a very mild expletive
Used to descibe something just okay
Often shortened to "Shib"
"What the shib?! The door's locked!"
After spilling milk - "Shib!"
"You have to write a short research paper, shib?"
by snowstorm8796 November 16, 2003
Shibby is anything, a verb : Shibbying- Drinkin booze or smoking mary janes. Noun : Shibby- Booze or pot
Dude, bring your own shibby.
Hey baby, that was some serious shibbying we did last night huh?
by Blink 182 punk August 21, 2003
standz for somthing that is cool , awesome, fantastic you can also use prefix'z and suffix'z on the word shibby
Hey man, thats shibby!
by -=13=- July 03, 2003
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