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best word in the world

word of joy, glee and excitement
"You just touched Cindy Boner's hoo-hoos! SHIBBY!!
by ANderson March 09, 2004
"Dude, you just touched Chrissy Boners hoo-hoo's" SHIBBY!!!!!!!
shibby dude
by ME!!! November 23, 2003
to take a dump or an emotion
yo man, i took a shibby on my neighboors front lawn, then he stepped in my shibby, and got shibby all over his shoes, i was like SHIBBY, the guy was so shibbied off
by kx252 November 20, 2003
a derivative of "Shit" ... a very mild expletive
Used to descibe something just okay
Often shortened to "Shib"
"What the shib?! The door's locked!"
After spilling milk - "Shib!"
"You have to write a short research paper, shib?"
by snowstorm8796 November 16, 2003
A synonym for Awesome, or Cool

But unlike those words, Shibby can only be found at the end of a sentence by itself, or by itself.

Only used by stoners, and used in any other context, person would be considered a loser.
"I got laid, shibby."

"I got laid."
by none November 16, 2003
Old, broken down, Ghetto,
Damn! That is one shibby house!
by amanda November 05, 2003
Shibby is anything, a verb : Shibbying- Drinkin booze or smoking mary janes. Noun : Shibby- Booze or pot
Dude, bring your own shibby.
Hey baby, that was some serious shibbying we did last night huh?
by Blink 182 punk August 21, 2003