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to say shit and fuck in the same or 1 word. not to be confused with the physical act of both words
I just locked my keys and the blunt in the car, shfuck!
by kitab December 04, 2007
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When you decide that a reaction is actually stronger than it first appears. This word is based on the fact that you start to say "Shit" but then decide a stronger word is necessary, thus the "Fuck".
guy 1: Dude did you study for that huge test?
guy 2: Sh-fuck I forgot!
by Laver May 07, 2007
a word that is used for when you feel like swearing, but not really. so when you say "shfuck", you are kind of swearing, but not really. :]
"oh shfuck, i forgot my gym sneakers!"
by codie ! August 22, 2008
You say this word as a curse when you start to say the word 'shit', but mid word something happens that makes 'fuck' the more applicable of the two words so you finish your started 'sh-' with a 'fuck', thus resulting in 'shfuck'.
There's a cop behinds us, oh shfuck! He's pulling us over.
by VanillaNinja13 July 01, 2011
When a person is extremely distraut, confused, beaten or just generally pissed at a person or event. Or has a face to face run in with the cops or Chuck Norris.
Shfuck! Its Mr. Norris!
by Okland February 04, 2009
fuck; loose translation of the word fuck into German.
Shfuck you! (preferrably in Germany)

Shfuck this place.

I shfucked you mom with my big fat shpenis.
by A.A.Milne March 16, 2005

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