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Basically another word for Sexy.
That guy is well shexi
by Chick December 15, 2004
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the chav's way of saying sexy. You can always tell if someone's a chav wen you look on myspace and facebox because their provile alsways starts with shexi. shexi_babii or shexi_biatch, it's so retarded,
Chantelle: dat boi ova there is propa shexi int e?
Kelsey: yeh,just lyk me, shexi, hot lil byach innit!
by nonayabiz March 30, 2007
a retards way of saying sexy
"zomg look at that guy, hes so shexi"
by Richard Anderson5678 December 02, 2006
Basically means shexi but it looks better and ish kwl.
Amagad! Yer sóóóóóó shexi in them jeans!
w00t, Shexi Boi!
by Minniéééééééééééééé November 21, 2004

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