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shewee is a portable urinary device for women of all ages which allows them to urninate standing up, and without removing their clothes. It can also be used in the sitting position if you can lift yourself sufficiently to slide the shewee under your private parts. The motto is stand up and take control.

by shewee angie March 07, 2009
A funnel shaped contraption used to allow the female species to pee whilst standing upright.

It can also be used to give sexual pleasure.

Also useful for filling up bottles.
"Get out your she-wee, Im bursting!"

by Snakegriffin August 11, 2008
She wee also spelt she-we is a large tube in which women can urinate while standing up. This tube folds into a small wristband shaped item when detracted. The she wee is often shaped like many musical instruments such as saxophones. To use a she wee the user must unfold the shewee and apply it to her genitals. She then lets her urinate flow through the tube. After she has relieved herself the shewee is reccomended to be washed and then stored in a handbag etc.
Girl in toilet: Oh shit, theres shit on the toilet seat

Guy in girls toilet: haha im lucky i can pee standing up, no urinal in sight though.

Another girl in toilet: you should get a she wee so you can stand up and pee! its awesome.
by Seto Tyron December 11, 2007
A Physiological termed to discribe a womans Male Genetales in a way to show how manly and tough the female is.
Tameka; My god Megan has a Unbelievably huge She-Wee
Alex; I know right.. if she hits Hamish any harder she will rape His Manhood
by SingleNutRemover June 17, 2016
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