angel dust (mint leaf soaked in fermaldahide), pcp
yo son that nigga buggin off tha sherm
by BostonHenny May 03, 2005
Somebody that is clingy and extremely difficult to get rid of. This person (the sherm) probably likes you and thinks you are his/her best freind. You can get rid of the sherm somewhat by passing the sherm on to someone else. However you will owe this person big time for passing the sherm on to them. If you ever manage to get rid of the sherm completely they will probably end up hating you.

In Space Jam, Michael Jordan calls Stan(the annoying guy) a sherm.
" Am I the sherm?" (usually said with a sad face because nobody wants to be a sherm)

Person 1-"We need to get rid of sherm... or at least find some more people for her to hang out with "
Person 2-"Hey, i got rid of sherm. Shes your problem now."
Person 1-"UGH..."
by blindiannumb4 December 13, 2009
over on the west coast sherm is a cigarette dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also packed with weed and tobacco or keefe and tobacco. on the east coast sherm is a cigarette that is a mix of tobacco and weed or tobacco and keefe. basically the only difference is the substance it's dipped in.
"yo mang, pack me up a sherm"

"you got a sherm for 10?"
by fuckin'-yo-mama-right-now April 11, 2009
One who is without intellect, often doing irrational things, without relying on their brians. which result in him or her being rideclued.
DUDE1: yo man did u see that fat trying to run down that steep hill on a skateboard?

DUDE2: yea, i lol'd, wat a sherm

by the kid from gwam July 10, 2008
To Be Or Look Dirty ; Wack; Not Cool; Trashy
-My Day Was O.D. Sherm

-"Yo Her Outfit Looking Sherm Right About Now"
by Chica Millz August 02, 2008
Sherm has absolutely nothing to do with PCP.

Sherm is a joint or simply a cigarette that has been dipped in embalming fluid (aka. formaldehyde) and left to dry. It must not be lit using an open flame lighter, but rather an automobile cigarette lighter is perfect to avoid an unwanted flame-up in one's face.

Use of sherm causes brain damage, and with prolonged use this permanent brain damage becomes increasingly serious, and the user then gets referred to as a shermhead.
Man, if you keep hittin' that sherm, you gonna melt your brains!
by Rightwild April 12, 2008
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