the act of shitting and jerking at the same time.
Bob: "Hey dude, I'm just going to have a quick sherk before we leave"
by EmDeeS March 12, 2009
Top Definition
What I found on my illegal copy of the movie Shrek 2.
Tyler: Can we watch Shrek 2?
Harold: Don't you mean Sherk?
by Lusmalu August 24, 2011
To shimmy the shoulders and twerk at the same time.

NOTE: This takes an insane amount of coordination.
I can pay my head and rub my belly, so why can't I sherk?
by CDAncers March 18, 2014
A nice way to call a chick that you're friends with a bitch...a "she-jerk" if you will
John: So i was trying to talk to Kate the other day and she just totally blew me like wtf seriously?

Jordan: Oh man i know what you mean, sounds like shes being a total sherk.
by comediclaughter October 04, 2009
Someone who cant dress and has been hit with the ugly stick too many times. They think their so sexy but really they are not. Other people can see it but they can not.
did you see that girl? OMG she looking like sherk.
by lxjuicy April 25, 2007
When a male is jerking off while taking a shit, the two words are put together to make "sherk" which is very straight forward
Dude 1: what took you so long in my bathroom
Dude 2: I was sherking in there
Dude 1: that's fucking gross
Masturbate jerk off dump shit
by Doggy queef April 15, 2016
The act of twerking so hard that you shit yourself.
GUUUUUURL, I WAS SO FADED. I didn't go to the bathroom before twerking on the flo'. I ended up sherking all over them other hoes.
by nerbykoo May 15, 2013
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