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Used in description to someone who is about to go crazy on your ass. If someone says it, stuff is going down. it is not to be used lightly for its powers will unleash hell. Named after
"Dont make me go Shep on you!!"
by Roofruss November 28, 2007
An alternative for any swear.
"What the shep?!"
by Young Hank January 29, 2011
quite fabulous and slightly camp
that is a shep song
by .dancing.queen. August 20, 2011
Singular of sheep. Very dangerous when corned and good at running infront of cars in Devon.
What's that shep doing in the middle of the road? Wonder if I can hit it....
by Jamie April 04, 2004
The loud uncouth sound made when a drunken Welshman is startled by a sheep.
'hoe-elly furck a shep!'
by jofra May 23, 2004
Something that people would not know even if they found out..
Nazfar was called Sheps cos he was a Shep once upon Sheps.
by Shavvy McShavShav July 17, 2011
the ridiculous shortening of 'shephards pie'
philly: 'fancy some sheps for tea?'
by Katie25 October 09, 2007
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