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The cockeye is the hole at the tip of the penis. The slit like shape of it has spawned the name 'japseye', due to its similarity the the ocular region of Japanese people.
i piss out of my cockeye

you're such a fucking cockeye
by Jofra May 23, 2004
The loud uncouth sound made when a drunken Welshman is startled by a sheep.
'hoe-elly furck a shep!'
by jofra May 23, 2004
The ungodly rectal iris that dwells in the deep dark centre of the ass crack.
when one shits, the turds fall from the behind the ringpeice.
by Jofra May 23, 2004
A term with a dual meaning:
A) A woman or homosexual man with semen covering his or hers face.
B) A description for being completely inebriated, drunk or plastered.
'that girl got quemfezed! whore!'

'I'm so fucking quemfezed'
by Jofra May 23, 2004
This could perhaps be 'conversating' less the last letter. However, this definition does require the word 'conversating' to exist. It does not. Therefore it is far more likely thats it is a mispelled version of 'conversation'.
don't abrieviate words that dont exist, you spaz
by Jofra May 23, 2004

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