Sheezy: Slang for Sh*T, Often used with ebonics speaking individuals who normally twist and/or slang every word in their vocabulary.
Dat Sheezy iz off da hizook! See: Hizook
by Sardis February 13, 2006
An expression of one's excitement
Oh fo' "sheezy".
by unsungxzero August 09, 2003
The white man's way of saying "shizzle"
1) I went peezy on dat ceezy fo sheezy (I urinated on that automobile for sure)
2)Sheezy my neezy (Suck my genitals)
by 6Your6Mom6 September 19, 2003
reaks of easyness
Thats fo sheezy!
by Gene June 01, 2003
to be sure or confident
her ass is bangin' for sheezy!
by bitch ass February 28, 2003
shit in one's pants
holy shit i got a sheezy daggnlin fro' mah pants
by ahha March 01, 2003
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