sheezy alternate meaning for shit; but also means sure..or fo sho like afore mentioned
fo sheezy my neezy, uncle wheezy.
that hsit's off the chain, fo sheezy necca
sheezy dawg, that just ain't even righteous.
by louie February 05, 2005
Top Definition
Modification of the ebonic word "sho" based on English word "sure." All phrases containing two consecutive words ending in an "O" sound should be modified so that the second "O" becomes "eazy."

Fo Sho becomes Fo Sheazy
Mo Fo becomes Mo Feazy
Yo, Ho becomes Yo, Heazy
by Safran May 09, 2003
1) It means DA SHIT. This is the most awesome title you could ever receive.

This means that you are special to whoever called you this. If they were refering to an object you should praise it.

2) Italy.
Check it cool! This is my big brother, isn't he sheezy?
by Blarglesmarg August 07, 2011
An exclamation which may be used to denote a feeling of surprise, joy, victory, fright, anger, or any combination of the aforementioned feelings.
Oh sheezy!

Sheezy! I can't believe you've lost your water bottle every day this week!
by Zach58 April 26, 2011
Replacement word for shot, as in an alcoholic beverage.
Time for a sheezy?

Let's take a sheezy!
by JS269 July 13, 2016
A combination of sleazy and cheesy.
"My cousin's embarrassing me and trying to pick up a girl on a forum I frequent. Here's his latest post: 'Alrighty, I have to go out with some despicable and ungrammatical *gasp!* friends right now but it was nice meeting you Miss Sourpuss... pussy, for short. See you later, my little pussy.'"

"What a sheezy guy."
by tender raptor November 16, 2009
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