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a polite redneck expletive most often used when a vulgar expletive would be inappropriate even for a redneck.
Well, sheep dip kids I can't get the truck to start.
by onehandcrabbing October 13, 2012
Half filled bath of hot soapy water shared amongst friends, used to wash off the disco dirt post clubbing or boozing before everyone crashes out on your sofa and floor.
I've filled the bath if anyone wants a quick sheep dip to wash off the disco dirt, best get in early before it gets sticky!
by ..WiL January 29, 2007
Type of low priced, high alchohol drink see Idiot broth.
He took another huge mouthfull from his can of sheepdip and seconds later redecorated the room with a huge technicolor yawn
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
A man who has sex with sheep, the act of sexin sheep.
I'm gonna download a new sheepdip porn.
by NOt WeaselSqueezer October 10, 2003
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