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One who follows the way of charlie sheen, he is always winning, drinks tiger blood instead of water and loves pornstars.,
When I walk out of my bed full of pornstars and my head hurts from all the crack, I walk to my fridge and drink some award WINNING tiger blood, I realized I'm a sheenist
#charlie #sheen #religion #sheenist #tiger blood #winning
by Danik Kosol March 14, 2011
A Person Who Snorts "Cocaine" Off A Dudes Dick
Charlie, Your The Reason Someone With Coke On Their Dicks Is Called A Sheenist
#charlie #sheen #coke #cocaine #sex
by eichorn9 September 25, 2011
a person who is offensive towards the sheenmeister. (charlie sheen) they may hurl abusive comments about his one night stands and drug addiction.
i was sitting at my table snorting crack cocaine with the sheenmeister, (charlie sheen) when i saw two young boys about 15 being sheenist towards charlie sheen, so, i went over to them, hit them round the heads with a chair, shoved crack up their asses, and made them get a tatoo with his name on it.
#charlie sheen #crack cocaine #chair #boys #young
by Jake1997. April 13, 2011
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