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The partaking of booze and drugs with prostitutes and/or porn stars.

Basically, partying the way Charlie Sheen would.
I pulled some serious sheenanigans last night with Four Loko, cocaine and Sasha Grey.
by Thants January 29, 2011
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An activity including any of the following: wild partying, pornstars, drug and alcohol abuse, uncontrollable egotism, or Stefon's "human parking cones."

Sheenanigans are usually wildly publicized after the fact, and the perpetrator is often asked to do interviews in which he acts like a self-righteous jackass.

See also: Charlie Sheen
The rambunctious celebrities took part in many Sheenanigans, which led to the police being called to check in on the situation.
by Chrisilosopher March 05, 2011
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any comments or actions made by Charlie Sheen
dude, I don't remember what happened last night, the cocaine got to me, I hope I didn't pull any Sheenanigans!
by rattleheadmessiah March 02, 2011
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Anything Charlie Sheen does to bring attention to himself, His tiger blood, or his Adonis DNA.
I'm so sick of Charlie Sheen & his mindless drug fueled Sheenanigans. Just kidding, I'm not...
by MoDacious-AltaLoma March 14, 2011
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