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A word, similar to the term 'damn it', that is used to express disappointment or anger.
Sheef, man. We left all the beer at his house.
by sonofamofo August 14, 2010
Noun: Furry slang for a sheath, the tube of skin around a male's penis in many animals. Typically used in homoerotic furry roleplay or stories.
"Yum, look at that thing poking out of his sheef!"
by StickMutilator September 18, 2006
when a girl queefs and a little shit comes out her pussy. its a deeper fart.
1. I get up out of bed, sheef on the floor, and wipe it up with my sheefing hairs.

2. Sally sheefed.
by ballsackfingerdildo October 15, 2010
When one shits at the same time as ripping a queef.
Fuck man, Rachel just sheefed all over Brad's carpet.
by semi-imbalanced triumphant May 19, 2005