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A Female Hebrew or person of Jewish descent
Hello good Hebrews and Shebrews!
by Chocobo93 May 05, 2008
A female Jew, who may or may not be lesbian. May also be reffered to as a "Sheeb"
Ryan: How come Anne Frank didn't get communion today?

Don: Cuz she's a Shebrew, dumbass.
by SlantyMcSlant February 17, 2010
a female Hebrew
In family guy where peter tries to fit in with the jewish community:

Peter: Hello hebrews and she-brews!
by Denis Tez July 16, 2008
the art of a woman making coffee
shebrews me coffee in the morning
by bill516 September 03, 2008
Jewish breast milk.
When my Jewish wife and I had our first kid, I was addicted to the Shebrew. I was a Shebrewaholic.
by grreals July 02, 2012
the art of jersey making coffee
shebrews coffee at night
by marvelous569 September 01, 2008
A Jewish Dyke.
no example available...use you imagination
by Me April 10, 2004

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