girl with a big ass. she also knows how to make bird sounds. and she knows how to pop her eyes back in.
damnn sheba!! how do you fit in those pants?!
i'm glad im not sheba..i dont know how to pop my eyes in.
by mayuja February 17, 2005
A young woman with a lot of sex appeal.
Look at that sheba! She's so hot.
by Justin March 28, 2005
Something that anyone would bang. Absolutely, positively, surely tapping material. A DILF (not MILF, DILF) like no other...more orgasmic activating than Kat's ass...or at least a tie... since she is Christian's dog, you know she's sexy..
-If you see Sheba, immediatly kneel down and worship the hottest dog on earth, and give her a candy and a spanking, and she will pleasure you...that's no lie...
-If you feel something pleasurable in your pants, you saw Sheba.
-Sheba likes walks on the beach
-Sheba ate an apple yesterday
-Sheba likes milk
by Christian Dizzle Ridley November 10, 2006
Another name for weed
damn nigga i just got and ounce of sheba
by nick March 20, 2005
Another word for a woman's vagina.
The only thing that Nerds ever think about are computers and Shebas.
by Jaki V April 22, 2006

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