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of or about, describing the likes of a shitty beard. shitty + beard = sheard
"dude, take a look at that sheard."

"my bonch has more hair than that guy's sheard."

"when i kissed her, she rejected me, stating simply that while real men can grow beards, i can not, for i am only sheard-capable."

"hey, lee hursh: nice sheard, ass hole!"
#shitty #beard #sheard #brady #fitzgerald
by brady fitzgerald August 23, 2008
When a man/woman inserts his/her index and middle fingers into his/her ass and pulls out a smear of shit and then proceeds to draw a beard with the shit on a fellow person's chin and or cheeks.
That biznatch gave me a sheard.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
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